The Normandy Cat Story

So I, and my buddy Josh, are traveling along the highways and byways of Normandy and stumble upon a WWII site that has trenches and old war equipment on display. Figuring it'd be a great photo op; we decide to stop. On site, we see all this cool military equipement and stuff. I'm taking photos like a man possessed.

As I take a photo of a trench, my pal Josh decides to stride into my shot...yet (expletive-ing) again; with his usual "too-cool-for-school" attitude in full effect to boot. I mean, honestly! (chuckle) The jerk. Lol! I yelled at him to get outta my shot. He made some kind of gesture after this photo was taken. One which I took and may publish later--or better yet--use for blackmail purposes. Hmmm...I'll figure it out eventually. Heh-heh...

In any event, we make our way 'round the trenches and bunkers...awesome stuff...

only then to behold the following around a turn in the trench...a family of seemingly orphaned kittens. Right in the middle of a old battlefiled. Now both I and JK are thinkin': "Odd! But cool photo op."

Soon enough, the Mom shows up and has a mouse in her mouth--family dinner presumably--and is mewling for her kids. It's an oddly bucolic event in the middle of a place with such dark history.

However, in the rush to photograph this little family, I failed to see one of the little tykes was right near my leg just behind me. I stepped back and felt the ground softer than it should've been. Black on Black violence is so sad. It really has got to stop. Heh-heh. Well, the poor thing yeowled in pain and the mom hissed and almost was ready to scratch my eyes out. Don't mess with a mama and her baby. In any case, as you can see below, the little wee one was none the worse for wear. And Mom and I made peace. I don't have a photo of it but she'd even came and rubbed up against my legs twice and all's forgiven.

So in the end, Josh and I, hit the road and left this little feral family to itself in the middle of the WWII trenches. With a parting photographic shot, mom gave me a last look of admonition; as her family sat down to fresh mouse for dinner. Feeling sheepish, I promised her I'll do penance and do better by my four-legged friends.