The West Coast Life - 2013 || Part III - SAN FRANCISCO

In May of this year I finally got to go to San Francisco. I've always wanted to visit this "city by the bay". I went down there to visit my buddy Tim Warnock who worked at ILM at the time. It was a 48 hour visit but worth it! Thanks goes out to my friend Tim and his wife Beth for a nice time.

An aerial view of Vancouver soon after take-off...

Approaching San Francisco

My good buddy Tim W.

Communing at the House that Lucas! :)

The mythic fog of SanFran

The West Coast Life - 2013 || Part I

And so Vancouver was the next stop in Life from January to August of this year.  I was finally back in my home nation of Canada.  It was so nice to be back. Here's some pics, from around the time I first arrived to be a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A city that I have wondered what it would be like to live in since I was a 5 year old. Seems God granted me my hopes. :) Enjoy! More to come...

LONDON, UK || December 2012 - A Journeys End.

The selection of these images mark my very last full day and night of living in the city of London, England back in December of 2012. I have a love/hate relationship with the place and I must admit...I do miss it sometimes. And to be fair, I hope to see the place again some day. :) Enjoy the pics.

The building that contained the flat I lived in. 1A Abbey House right on Abbey Road at the Beatles Crosswalk.
Below is a bit of my neighborhood..St. John's Wood.

The Lovely St. John's Wood Tube Station local neighborhood entrance to London's Underground Network

St. Paul's Cathedral Snaps

The Intersection of Oxford and Regent Street.

Carnaby Street Performer

Nelson's Column at Trafalgar Square

The London Eye and Big Ben

The Orkney Islands - Part II

Ok so it's been nearly a year at this point since I've updated this site. A lot of changes have happened.
I'll get into that subsequent posts. Yet almost eleven months late, here are some more images of my trip to the Orkney Isles with my great friend Josh. This is part 2...

Views of the lower Scottish Highlands

My Bro Josh and some Highland Park. It is bloody cold up there in November.

Like I always say...the dude is always in my bloody shot... (lol!) :)

The Orkney Isles - Part I

So as I wrap up my 3+ year European leg of life, I and one of my best mates, Josh Keliher, decided to do a final euro-road trip. We settled on visiting the Orkney Islands, an archipelago in Northern Scotland, nestled betwixt the Isle of Great Britain and the Shetland Islands. It has the designation of a UNESCO World heritage site due to the numerous well preserved Neolithic sites which are some of the oldest in Europe.

It occupies about the same latitude as far Northern Quebec and Baffin Island in North America. Specifically the coordinates  are 59.0000 degrees North, 3.0000 degrees West so that's just shy of the Arctic circle. Its administrative center is a burgh named Kirkwall. They have a beautiful cathedral there called St.Magnus. I took many photos of that and will post them later on as part of my on going Sacred Spaces series.

The Orkney islands are one of the most breath taking place to see. The people are so very warm and friendly and so personable. If you ever can get the chance to visit them and their wonderful archipelago, do so; as it will be well worth it. The following images are of my journey there. I want to thank my friend Josh for the opportunity to witness it. God bless ya buddy! :) Now I hope you enjoy the first slice of pics taken which are in part from our car trip through the foothills of the Scottish Highlands and the Orkney Isles themselves. Cheers! 
















Toscana & Florentine Dreams

Firenze: I never thought I'd live to see it.  Its cramped streets and wondrous atmosphere were awesome. There are no words to describe the inspiration I felt there as an artist in the birthplace of the Renaissance. All I had was glimpse as I was there for only a day.  I must return. Tuscany is literally beyond have to see it for yourself. I hope the following photos do its majesty some justice. Enjoy!

Roma - Impressions of the People Experiencing the Dolce Vita

In this post, I thought I'd share some of my candid photography.  I always find it hard to take street candids of people as I am rather shy. The camera helps to give a certain amount of emotional distance yet I feel as though I am intruding none the less. In any case, I am trying to overcome this and push forward for art's sake, like real photographers do and make great captures. These are my impressions of all the people I saw in Rome (at the Vatican, or Piazza Popolo etc.). I hope each image tells a story. As always, I hope you enjoy.

The Dream that was--and is--the Eternal City: Roma, Italia

I must underscore that this is one of the most blessed adventures I've ever had. In the month of June of this year, 2012, I've finally gotten to experience a dream I've had for nearly all my adult life: to visit the Eternal City, Rome...and to grab a taste of the "dolce vita", the sweet life. I was also able to go up to the city of Firenze (Florence) for a day underneath the Tuscan sun and capture some of the ineffably beautiful countryside.

God has blessed me very much with this trip.  I have almost no words to describe the stunning beauty of Italy. It can move a soul to tears of joy with its rich cultural heritage, diversity and ancient magnificence. I'm so grateful to have been able to have gone. Grateful also to be able to share it with all of you. There are about some 50+ photos I have shared here out of the literally thousands that I took. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed taking them. I'll post some more over time. Thank you for taking the time to take look and as always...enjoy. :)

Snowdonia National Park || North Wales [Gogledd Cymru] - Part II

Here's some more of the wonderful Snowdonia National Park. Later on in the image sequences the sun had finally popped out from behind the dense clouds and all I can say is WOW! The place became even more awesome. Again do enjoy the pics. :)

As we were leaving Snowdonia I was able to catch this cool shot.

The last two pics are of my good friend Josh. I appreciate the assist on a small get-a-way from the chaos of London mate. Thanks 'n'God bless ya!

Snowdonia National Park || North Wales [Gogledd Cymru] - Part I

This past week-end my good friend Josh and I journeyed to Gogledd Cymru -North Wales. The place was breath-taking in its beauty and looked like it was ripped right out of the pages of Tolkien's tales of Middle-Earth. Given the riots and all that were consuming London and the rest of the UK, a peaceful photo journey was a welcome diversion. We headed toward Snowdonia National Park. Another friend's mom (her name's Jo) once told me "Wales is God's own country"...I'm quite inclined to agree...that line stuck with me as I took these images. Please enjoy the pics....and forgive my flubbing of any place names as English and French I'm good at...Welsh? Not so much. :)

Lake Tal-yLlyn

Llyn Trawsfynydd

The following was too funny to pass up taking a snap of. :D

Blaenau Ffestiniog (at least I think it is)

S.P.Q.R. III | He will bring them death, and they will love him for it.

The cruel emperor Domitian presides over the ensanguined pageantry that plays itself out upon the sands of the Colosseum. He is not, it seems, in a giving vein this day.

The mob that is Rome concurs.

And yet another gladiator meets his Fate upon the blood soaked sands of the Coliseum.

Yet Domition's prurient tastes are not yet sated as he awaits greedily for more.